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We’re trusted by the people driving Britain. We’ve helped thousands of private hire drivers, black cab drivers and couriers to get their tax affairs in order.

Apparently we’re the ‘Bee’s Knees’ and ‘all drivers should use us…’ We like the sound of that!

We’ve got your back!

About Cab Accounting Ltd

Cab Accounting has many years experience handling the tax affairs of black cab drivers, private hire drivers and couriers.

See how we can help you with your taxes and then tell us what  you will do with all the extra time on your hands…holiday maybe?

What you can expect from us

Free ongoing advice & support

Tax is an ongoing issue, and in our experience, that issue never ends! We are proud to say that we are not in the business of charging more for going that extra mile for you. Can’t come in on weekdays? We will email you about our Open Saturdays.

Extremely competitive fees

We believe strongly that an essential service like ours should be accessible to as many people as need it, and we pride ourselves in charging prices that makes that a reality. We charge a standard flat rate per year that has no hidden charges. Oh, and what we charge is always tax-deductible as a business expense.

Interest-free payment scheme

Income has its ups and down, and we know that. To help, we have set up a way for you to spread the cost of our fees along the year, paying in instalments instead of all at once. No interest, no extra fees, just an easy way to pay.

Tax returns filed online

Forget about worrying deadlines. Once you have approved your tax return, we send it off to HMRC with the click of a button. Quick, stress-free, no fuss, and no penalties! We can even email you a receipt from HMRC for your peace of mind.

Profit and loss accounts produced

Knowing what your income & expenses look like at a given time can be tricky – not with us. We will go over it with you, explain what everything is, and make sure you are satisfied before you sign off your approval.

HM Revenue & Customs issues resolved

Maybe you have a specific problem and need help. Whatever it is, we can promise that HMRC is not as scary as you may think. Give us a call and let us prove it. We will work to make what seems like an endless problem beatable. Whether it takes a quick phone call or months of letter-writing, we are up to the challenge!

“Your service is the bee’s knee’s and all drivers should use you. Brilliant keep up the good work.”

– Mr M Payne


Tax is a headache for most people, but our favourite compliment from our clients is that we make it seem simple. It is our biggest goal – making tax an easy in-and-out process, letting you return to what you do best.

We work with complete transparency and give you access to all the information you need in straight terms. No fancy tax phrases, no long-winded speeches – we will explain things with no fuss so you always have a clear picture of what your tax situation is.

We like to think that our approach to working with our clients makes their visits & tax returns a calm, worry-free experience, and from what they tell us, they think so too!

Cab Accounting Ltd is certified by the Certified Public Accountants Association.

With over 1,400 clients, we can’t be doing too bad!

We have talked about what we do for clients, but do not just take our word for it.

From people we have known for over ten years, to the client who joined us yesterday, our reputation has spread and our business has grown through word of mouth and glowing recommendations.

We’re ready to move.
Are you?