HMRC Tax Check Assistance

HMRC are issuing new policy changes for people who apply for any of the following licences:

  • Private Hire Driver
  • Private Hire Vehicle Operator
  • Taxi Driver
  • Scrap Metal Site
  • Scrap Metal Collector

This policy will come into force on 4 April 2022. Further guidance will be given by HMRC in January 2022.

Everyone who applies to renew their licence, or applies for a new licence, after 4 April 2022, will need to do a tax check.

This tax check is to make sure that you are registered to pay tax the proper way.

If you do not complete this check, your application will be denied.

About the tax check

  • You must complete this yourself, using your Government Gateway Personal Tax Account, no one can do this for you.
    We can, however, assist you with any issues you might have. If you’d like to come in or call, we can offer help and advice.
  • HMRC will ask you some quick questions about how you are registered to pay tax
  • Once you do this check, HMRC will give you a 9-digit code to give to the licensing authority to confirm you’ve done your check.

Please note that this check is not about whether or not you have PAID your tax. It is only about whether or not you have registered to pay tax, and if you have declared income when required to by HMRC.

We highly recommend that before you undergo this check, you make sure that you: 

  1. Have a Government Gateway account that you can easily log into
    If you don’t have one, please watch this video to show you how to create & verify one.
  2. Are fully up-to-date with your HMRC tax obligations
    For complete details, see this page on the government website.

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