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New tax checks by HMRC have come into force from April 2022, and they are to set to pose significant risks for up to 400,000 businesses. If you fit into any of the following categories, you need to act:

What is the check?

HMRC is checking that people with licences to operate Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs), drive PHVs or taxis or businesses that deal in scrap metal, are registered to pay tax the correct way.

This policy has come into force on 4 April 2022 and everyone who applies to renew their licence, or applies for a new licence, after this date, will need to do a tax check.

Can I avoid it?

If you do not complete this check, your application will be denied. If the process isn’t followed or the checks are failed, this could result in drivers being off the road or trades being restricted in their operation.

Am I at risk?

The risk varies between different organisations and activities. If you’re unsure about the next steps and what you need to do, get in touch and we’d be more than happy to give you a hand.

Can I get help with this?

While you cannot get someone to do this for you, you can get help & advice before or while you do it, which we’re happy to help with.

Call us at 0207 704 8100, pop into our office, or complete our contact form below.

We’ve also created a short video here with a guide.

What happens during the check?

We highly recommend that before you undergo this check, you make sure that you:

  • Have a Government Gateway account that you can easily log into. If you don’t have one, please watch this video to show you how to create & verify one.
  • Are fully up to date with your HMRC tax obligations. For complete details, this page on the government website.
  • HMRC will ask you some quick questions about how you are registered to pay tax.
  • Once you do this check, you will be issued a short code to give to the licensing authority, confirming that you have completed your check.
  • As stated above, if you run into any issues while completing this check, we’re happy to give advice and help.
  • If you’ve done this all and just want the link, click here to start your tax check.

Please note that this check is not about whether you have PAID your tax or not. It is only about whether or not you have registered to pay tax, and if you have declared income when required to by HMRC.

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